Friday, December 31, 2010

The Party

It’s New Year’s Eve and no one has been talking about the “Party”. There is one almost every year and this year no one has mentioned what to bring, who will be coming or what time to arrive. This is most unusual as there has been a party worth remembering once a year for my entire life.

Well, never mind, I will just show up as usual and I am sure that no one will mind. My invitationless situation is absolutely an oversight and there are sure to be several people there that I will know.

My black velvet top and black and white plaid taffeta skirt will be perfect for tonight as it is just a short walk across the yard to the party- no need to worry about a coat or boots. That is always the way, just run out the front door and there you are.

Oh look, Jimmy’s there! He must be home from the Navy for the holiday. Mom is already there helping out with the preparations. Dad will come as soon as he is off work, or he will simply drive the patrol car over a little before midnight. Uncle Bill and Aunt Emily are here as well which is unusual. Jack just drove up with some extra champagne though he hasn’t been drinking now for years. Annie and John are here too; but truth be told, I am anxiously waiting for their three handsome sons. I have a terrible crush on the middle one; probably will for my entire life.

Terry and Pat are here from the city and Margie and Al as well. I wonder what they have done with their little ones. Anne and Howell will be coming in a minute but Diane has decided to remain in the city with her friends. How jealous am I!!

There’s a fire in the fireplace and the music is a little lower than usual; but the conversation is lively and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Funny though, almost everyone seems to have reached back in their closets to come up with some retro clothing.

I have always wondered why Auntie Maude and Uncle Walter only came over to our house and not to the rest of the neighbors; but here they are. Maude has died her hair purple again but by spring it will be pink. Uncle Walter is dressed like a cowboy with a string tie and his old Mayor’s badge pinned to his chest.

How warm I feel, safe in a familiar home with loved ones all around. Suddenly drowsy, I sit in the big arm chair with a throw over my shoulders.

Dad has arrived and it must be close to midnight. Oh look, he is doing his usual New Year’s jig which is a combination of Irish dancing and a Russian squat thrust kicking his legs straight out as he jumps up and down. Jack reaches down to pluck me from my reverie to ask for a dance.

“Hey, wake up! Come on! It is almost time………….”. Debbie and Roy are here and my husband, Ron. The children have all gone their merry way to other towns and other States. The four of us are alone in Debbie’s cozy home and not at the yearly party at Barb and Jack’s. Oh, that’s right………….. They have all passed on now, only Barb remains here with those of us that still live on. But just for a minute or so, Oh what a lovely time I had!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Mother's Hands

I looked down in my lap, and there folded before my eyes were my Mother's hands. No not really; but my hands have somehow begun to look like my Mother's. It is important at this point in my written conversation to point out that I have always had shorter fingers, rather chubby and sweaty hands in my youth. My daughter and my sisters all have long thin fingers, like Mom's.

But somehow, during this magical season, my hands have morphed into a reasonable likeness of Mom's hands. I don't have her long strong nails, probably because I never take the time to maintain them. My skin is much dryer than hers because again I don't take the time to maintain it. However, almost like a spiritual possession, I look at my hands and see my Mother's hands in front of me.

I have lost a little weight and I am getting older so this metamorphasis is possible. However, I choose to believe that it is her way of letting me know that she is with me still and channeling her strength to me through her hands and mine.

It could also be that my hands have not changed at all and I am just seeing what I want to see, but don't we all? We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear; and if no one is hurt by that, let us take comfort where we find it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I must have been possessed!!

Just some random thoughts here.....About 6 years ago I bought a used Toyota 4-Runner from our daughter's neighbors in North Carolina. Great folks and a great car. I had been experimenting with listening to country music for a while since that was all my son-in-law listened to and that is all that seemed to play on the radio when we traveled to see our daughter in NC. Once I was in the 4-Runner it seemed that was all that I listened to. I even went so far as to purchase country CDs, and I hardly ever buy music. 5 years ago we bought a house in NC and I began to listen to Country Music on the radio there and at home in NY as well. Now that I have given my Toyota 4-Runner to my nephew I hardly listen to country music at all in my other car. Never do I tune in country music at the house; and in fact, I have begun to dislike it all over again. Just sayin, "I must have been possessed!"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Friend of Mine, Another NY Goddess

Today..I decided , spur of the accompany Hubby on one of his day trips to the city on business, with the 'lure' being ...we would hook up with our kids for dinner.......Here's what transpired.

Around 7 p.m. My two adult children, Hubby and I , had a lovely dinner at a really neat, cozy bar restaurant in Forest Hills Gardens called 'When Pigs Fly'. The restaurant has a small neighborhood bar, a T.V. and 6 tables. They make the most incredible food. The waitress remembered me from last time which was over a year ago. She had followed my recommendations to go to Shadows on the Hudson, which I had quite forgotten. She has a degree in nursing and can't find a job in the city. I'm going to try and help her get employment up here....Lovely girl..She lives with her grandparents in Queens..Henry and I had an hour to 'kill' so before going to that restaurant, we had gone to a Tai restaurant bar called Jade which was attached to Our Daughters building complex. We had some drinks ( I had one gin and tonic...Hubby had 2 vodkas) and popcorn shrimp with a sweet cilantro sauce...which tasted like cilantro in the blender with corn syrup...Very tasty....Waiter, from the Dominican Republic had been working there 4 years and was attending college to become an accountant.( Dunno why , but I always have to play 'guidance counselor' with kids.) After about an hour, the kids arrived...Both came by train which ran across the street on an elevated platform parallel to the restaurant. Our daughter had given Hubby a pile of special passes for displaying on the dashboard of his car so parking on the streets of Forest Hills Gardens is no problem whatsoever. When we used to visit our daughter at her other place..we would have to drive around and around the block to find an opening that was legal.

Hubby had made only one business stop in Bedford Hills the day trip was considerably shortened. Wore my red cowboy boots, knowing I would not be doing much walking. Them boots are made for riding , not walking. Red boots under black plaid pants, red sweater and black naval blazer ( my uniform for traveling).

On the way back to Pine Plains, tonight after saying our goodbys to the kids., Hubbs told me to STOP fiddling with his car radio ( I tend to flip the dials too much looking for just the 'right' song) . He told me to just be quiet...I went to my cell phone and said...'Hmmmm, now WHO should I call?'...He started laughing and said...'Who, of your friends, is awake at this hour?'........So..guess what I did? ::::::.scroll down

I dialed HIS cell phone...which rang loud in the car....Henry answered it...with his usual anticipatory Business Voice, "This is _________________!'.......then he realized what I had my amplified voice came over on his speaker phone flashing bright green all over his dashboard lighting up the lone black night like Christmas on St. Paddy's Day. while we sped along 684 at 74mph....10 o'clock way past high traffic hour.

"Hubbs , you are a real meanie, you won't let me play with the radio'.......I laughed into the phone before he hung up on me.

Cracked us BOTH up...Could not stop laughing....after that.
Sense of humor goes a L-O-N-G a L-O-N-G-, wonderful marriage.

Remember that program 'I married Joan? '......Remember George and Gracie Allen......? ........ha, ha, ha........and Hennie Youngman..'Now , you take my wife............................please'.

Hubbs and I are that...LOL.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

And I am on the No Call/No Solicitation List

I am so popular these days. I had 23 saved calls on my voicemail and that was in just 2 days. Candidates for every office have been calling me, even Pat Boone called me about somebody, an NFL quarterback called me too and the past Governor George E. Pataki. I like Governor Pataki, he is a nice man. I wish he was running for some office here in New York; but I really didn't want to listen about another candidate. Pat Boone didn't sing me a song but he did remind me that he sang "Love letters in the Sand" and I am sad to think that I remembered that song and his white buck shoes too. So if you are lonely, remember you can actually listen to all these political solicitation calls and save them too and play them back again and again!!

But that won't change our current political situation or the economy. I say, vote all those in office out and in two years do the same thing again!!! What do you think?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!!!

Fortunate changes as we age!

Isn’t it fortunate that as we age our tastes seem to change as well? For instance, I no longer stare with dropped mouth at young men with tight butts and rock hard abs; but would rather spend time with those of my own age. A little silver at the temples is a sexy thing to me now.

I would rather sit quietly on the back porch with a good friend or even a good book than prep myself for a night out at the local pub. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy a good pub night with friends; but I no longer need to do this once a week.

I would rather bake for my friends than go to a bakery and fill myself with gooey and fattening fair. This is another good thing as my middle seems to expand on its very own without the added sugar.

I would rather live in my “denim uniform” (jeans and a faded denim shirt) than dress for a formal affair. It is a good thing that I have less and less of them to attend these days!!

I would much rather walk around a farmers market than shop in Manhattan which is also good as my income has dropped while my age has increased.

I no longer long for a huge mansion but would rather live in a little country cottage by the side of a dirt road with small flower gardens; which is fortunate as the cost of fuel has risen to new heights.

Oh Dear, it seems I would also rather write, Blog, IM, Twitter and Facebook than get my butt off this recliner and see people face to face!!!!! This is not a good change……….

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fresh Eggs

Back in the early 1970's my children were young and we had a sweet little farmette. We had peach trees, blackberries, elderberries, gooseberries, grapes, and
raspberries Galore. In addition to all those wonderful organic ingredients we raised chickens for their fresh eggs. I baked all my homemade breads and of
course there were oodles of jams and jellies to sweeten our breakfast fare.

Right now we all remember the gas embargo of the '70's. We had all kinds of time to turn things around with gas shortages but we didn't have the fortitude to do it.
We always pay more for procrastination.

While my kids were having the fun of gathering eggs and helping bake and eat homemade bread with jams and jellies, others were losing out on setting an example
for lifestyle change.

Rhinebeck was along the leading edge of what is now known as holistic food consumption. It wasn 't long before we were selling organic fruits and vegetables to the Pawling Health Manor. The women enrolled in these courses were considered impossible to help. Pawling Health Manor proved to them that a lifestyle change with their eating habits would indeed make a change in their over all well being. Many articles were printed in the N Y Times around the success of their program.

Once again my family and kids were living a relaxed lifestyle with lots of culinary benefits. Fresh Eggs gave us a wonderful way to live and learn.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We had a frog named Willoughby. Nobody really “had” Willoughby. He chose to visit when he wasn’t doing anything else. We (Reenie, Debbie and I) chose to believe that he was ours. He lived, we thought, under the boat dock at the summer camp we shared on Silver Lake in Clinton Corners, NY.

He was a tremendous Bull Frog with a deep “Gaaaarumph” that could be heard all the way up to the cabin and across the lake where we swam. It never occurred to us that there may be other, friendly yet unknown, bullfrogs making the same sound in different areas of the lake. The frog spawn that we saw around the lake was made by lady frogs; and, I think, we thought Willoughby was married to all of them.

He was ours! He was big and greenie black with lots of bumpy warts and a throat that would expand like the largest bubblegum bubble you ever blew. That part of his throat was yellow when it blew up. We wondered if one day it would pop.

Willoughby was ever present. We would see him whenever we took out the boat. We would see him when we brought the boat back. We would see him if we went to the dock to skip stones and he would always make that loud “Gaaaarumph” which we loved to hear.

At night he would sing us to sleep as we imagined all sorts of pictures on the ceiling of the cabin which was severely water stained. In the morning he was singing when we woke up. Willoughby was ever present and he was our special frog.

Every summer we would go to the cabin. We would run down the road to the boat dock to see if Willoughby was still there. There he was.

Years passed and every year our friend would great us. How reassuring to have him there always waiting for us. It was like knowing which Tree Ornaments went where on the Christmas Tree every year. We always knew where to find Willoughby.

Eventually we stopped using the cabin regularly; but on the rare occasion we went there, we would individually or collectively stroll down the road to the boat dock to see if Willoughby was still there. Years had gone by and we were always surprised when we saw him, reassured that all is right with the world-with our lives-with our families; because Willoughby was there and he certainly was a part of our childhood when the world was safe.

Our parents passed on about 15 years ago. Eventually I took a ride out to the old cabin, now owned by someone else. The boat dock was still there, no boat; I walked down to the dock just to see by chance if Willoughby was still there. I could hear him. I couldn’t see him but I knew he was very close. I waited. “Gaaaarumph Gaaaarumph ” He was there, though I never saw him that day; I knew that he was there especially for me as a sort of message. “I’ll always be here, he seemed to say.” “Your days as a child are still here and so are your Mom and Dad” Smart Soul that Willoughby!!!!!
“Gaaaarumph Gaaaarumph ”

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Not long ago my sweet cousin Betty came up here to Savannah for a visit.

I've been living here since December with my baby daughter Krissy. Doesn't matter if you turn 26 this year - cause you are still the baby.

What a gab fest we had. We ran it in free form style. That way we couldn't forget anything too important.

So now you need to know some background information. Betty's father died when she was about 3. My mother had lost her own mother at child birth and our grandmother, GiGi raised my mother. The connection is Betty's father, Edward, was GiGi' son. Betty and I are only 1 year apart.

My mom had this fetish of not spending money on nice household goods. No fine sheets, towels, linens, blankets were to be found. No sir we were just going to find the most common varieties for everyday use.

If we had special company they got the good stuff the little that there was.

I told Betty I had been on a crusade over the last several years to replace all my household goods. After all I'm worth it.

Why should only the occasional visitor get all the pretty treats. So we giggled like school girls with a new quest.

I have made a huge change in the way I buy and I feel so special each time I pamper myself.

Cousin Betty called me a couple weeks after returning home to Florida. She had taken our talk to heart and decided she was worth it too. She hit Marshall's, Targets, T.J. Maxx among others and has made a House and Garden TV makeover to her sweet little condo. And why not. We are each more than deserving of looking around our modest homes and seeing small vignettes that tell a little story about us and who we are.

I hope the movement spreads among our family and close friends.

Those special decorator gifts we are given were meant to be used. Those candles and lotions were meant to be pleasure now and not to be tucked away. Shout it from the roof tops - I"M WORTH IT!! By Noreen Reilly

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Unsung Hero, The Woman Behind the Powerful Man, The Legal Secretery or Paralegal, the Baby Sister

What do all these people have in common, they often go unnoticed. By description they are in the background.

Who volunteers to sit at the childrens' table at holidays? Who knows just when to call to add a positive word and conjure up a laugh. Who, although at one time was a bit of a pain in the butt, would fight to the bitter end to save you? Who has always been there to watch over our children? My Little Sister.

No longer little, a grown woman with children and grand children; she will always be my Baby Sister. So why now, when she should be accepting a little help from friends and family, does she insist on doing everything by her self, so independent-so determined. This is just her way, though annoying at times, of dealing with her battle with breast cancer.

All three of us now have had our battles with this insidious disease. This disease that can develop so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent to ourselves or a well trained doctor.


Early breast cancer usually does not cause symptoms. This is why regular breast exams are important. As the cancer grows, symptoms may include:

* Breast lump or lump in the armpit that is hard, has uneven edges, and usually does not hurt
* Change in the size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple -- for example, you may have redness, dimpling, or puckering that looks like the skin of an orange
* Fluid coming from the nipple -- may be bloody, clear to yellow, green, and look like pus

Men get breast cancer, too. Symptoms include breast lump and breast pain and tenderness.

Symptoms of advanced breast cancer may include:

* Bone pain
* Breast pain or discomfort
* Skin ulcers
* Swelling of one arm (next to breast with cancer)
* Weight loss

These facts from the American Cancer Society are worth reprinting but this is not really my story.

This is a story about my Baby Sister, who took care of herself for the most part, ate all the right things including broccoli, was never overweight and always got plenty of exercise. Sometimes you just can't beat the odds. But early detection and a determined spirit with an uncommon sense of humor will serve her well.

We all have to do things our own way; but Sis, we sure wish you would let us help. All three of us are independent types that prefer to withdraw from the everyday to handle our own problems in our own time and in our own way. So, we do understand you quite well!!!

You are awesome in your determination to work through chemo, I know that makes you feel in control. That is a good thing because we all need that.

However, I am reminded of a conversation I had with my very best non-family man friend when I was complaining that Hubs didn't take care of something for me. My friend quickly reminded me that I am so independent and stubborn-- did I think he knew I wanted him to do this for me. Hummmmmmm Perhaps not. My friend also mentioned that I hardly accept help from anyone and sometimes, just sometimes, If I would; that would make my friends happy to help me.

So, Baby Sis, we are here for you and love you so very much, you stubborn pain in my butt!!!

Workshops at Shandells

Dear Friend,

Since the launch of my new website I have been increasingly getting emails and walk-in visitors asking about how to pick the right size lampshade for a lamp, and how long does it take to make a shade, and can I make “this” (whatever “this” is!) into a lamp.

Starting in May I will be extending my hours (Thurs. – Sat. 11-5 and Sun. 11-3), and will also kick off FREE monthly workshops on the second Saturday of each month, to help answer some of those questions, and more.

MAY 8 AND JUNE 12 are the first two workshops, from 9-11 AM each of those days.

Topics we’ll cover include: how to fit a lamp with a lampshade, revamping a dated lamp with a new shade, basic construction of a shade, and different things you can make into a lamp.

I have limited space so reservations will be needed; please email me at thingsthatmakeyousmile [at] gmail [dot] com, or call the studio at 518.789.6603.

The workshop will also include an inside look to “the Lampshade Lady’s” world. Come see my vintage paper and fittings and trimmings collections, and learn about how I got into this, etc.–and have a cup of tea!

Hopefully those who attend will be inspired to spruce up their decors with a new shade or a new lamp fashioned from some treasure they own.

Look forward to meeting you,


Friday, April 30, 2010

Anonymous said... Timing is Everything

You ever have one of those days, which start out with nothing in

particular in mind to do?

Well, yesterday was just that.

I collect stationary. Mostly blank, but with lovely pictures on the front.

A treasure trove of future messages kept in my head

like eggs in an ovary

never to be used up in one's lifetime.

A picture of an orange and rusted ecru female Northern Cardinal

caught my eye. As it was sitting on my kitchen table

along with other cards to be put away,

the pile of which, had been taken out

for selecting the 'right bird' to escort

a check owed to my sister for purchasing a tree.

This puffed up, cute Cardinal, I thought,

might make a nice Thank You

to send to a manager of a dining establishment

operating at the local Hunt Club

where I had been for a delightful lunch

a few days earlier

with a group of friends.

Fountain pen in hand

my thoughts filled the entire two sides of the

card's blank interior commenting on the food, presentation and staff.

So, done.

I decided to make the 5 minute drive

south of our home

to deliver it in person.

Greeting me at the entrance area

inside the building

was a pair of spring arrangements

on a chocolate brown carved mahogany sideboard.

from local blooms

found everywhere.

The manager,

a woman, I've known for years

who is married to a former

history teacher at the High School

and lives on Stissing Lake

complete with beautiful boathouse,

thanked me for the note

which remained sealed during our visit.

She asked me what I thought of the arrangements

made with flowers from her garden

of lilac and apple blossoms.

We agreed that a little more height

for line and balance was needed.

I told her I had something home

to add.

Back home, in a flash

I picked red-orange tulips, spirea, forsythia branches,

Aluminum greens, monkshood leaves, and hosta

'just for fun' to add to the paired display

as well as the tables, containing pastel green

napkin 'fans' balanced in stemmed wine glasses

and pairs of daffodils in small vases at the center.

The greens would act as a filler ( two per table).

Restaurant manager was delighted.

One of the waitresses, a lifeguard in the summer

was looking forward to our 'time at the lake'

where she watches the children swimming

and I do crafts with them

and tend the town garden there.

So, it was homeward bound.

Still too overcast and cold.

I decided to break with habit and

go to the local market earlier than usual.

Once there..I dawdled and shopped

Mainly for vegetables

the 'positive' part of my diet,

of which unlimited quantities

could be consumed.

Once back in the parking lot

I dawdled some more

bringing in all the shopping carts

patrons had strewn all over

as they do particularly on Fridays as part of the 'weekend rush'.

When out of the corner of my eye

I saw the back of a man with a RED PONY TAIL

Could that be?

Molto Mario Bataglia! (of the Food Network: Freshness and simplicity are the keys to Mario Batali's spectacular Italian cuisine. Molto Mario brings these principles home – it's a culinary tour of Italy with tips and secrets from one of New York's premier chefs.

Slipping back into the store

I spied this culinary king around the corner at the rear of the store

in front of the dairy case for cheeses.

His hand held basket was filled

to the brim with vegetables.

Are you Molto Mario?

'No. I'm Mario Bataglia'

Heh, heh, heh.

Kvelling like an idiot,

I blurted out that I was a big fan of his.

Noting, he had lost a lot of weight,

I told him so

as a question,

'You've lost a lot of weight'

He half smiled and nodded yes, in agreement.

No more 'Molto' to the Mario

As, we were both on the same quest

where lettuce is best.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And we are here………….Savannah. The land of Paula Dean and Spanish Moss……Jim Williams and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"…..….eclectic River Front Stores and where Tybie Island sea turtles meet crab house restaurants….this is the new home of our First New York Goddess. Oh how we’ve missed her!

We arrived about 5:30PM on Friday night after a 5 and ½ hour drive from the Raleigh, NC area. Over a magnificent Double Sail Bridge….through the Historic District, around and through several Monument Squares and Azalea lined corridors of historic homes of all shapes and sizes.

Our #1 Goddess is waiting in the living room and she is gorgeous in every way. The inconvenience of treatments have not dulled her smile or sense of humor. “Hello Rattlesnake” she giggles. Big hugs and sloppy kisses to her daughter and grandsons and me. Our Sister Goddess is an amazing woman!!!

So there we were, (two dogs, two kids and 5 adults) ready to spend a week with each other, camping out style in Downtown Savannah. We had a ball, the kids and dogs were great and we all managed to use the bathrooms when no one else had an emergency.

Easter was upon us and the Big Bunny managed to find Thomas while Heather worked her kitchen magic which revealed a marvelous dinner of all things good an fattening…We concentrated on the good part! And the lemon pudding filled powder sugar topped cupcakes were amazing!!

A lunch trip to Paula Dean's, strolling along the River Front and finding home made pralines and fudge, a Hearse Tour of the Haunted Mansions of Savannah, A trip to Tybie Island and dinner at the Crab House by the Sea…Who could ask for more? We didn’t ask- but we received!!!

Strength and Wisdom and Love and a little Sadness; but not much of that was allowed….. Jokes and Giggles and Warm Memories with a few tears…. Kisses and Hugs and Tickles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs……..Watching American Idol and worrying about who would leave next, Oh No, Not big Mike!!!! And though we thought the girl with the dread locks has a great voice, it made us itch to look at her hair……….

More hugs and kisses, we don’t want to leave. We all knew it was time to go but we held on. Has there ever been a family so in love with each other. Of course there has been; but, we act like it’s only us. Sisters and Brother, Nieces and Nephews, Children and Grand Children we gather in druid reminiscent style to share the strength of each other and this much loved Woman Goddess we call Noreen, Reenie, Sis, Mom, Nonnie, Aunt Reenie, our Port in a Storm, our powerful Wizardress able to conjure up a family get together in a moment’s notice and still look Maaaahvelous DaaaahlinG!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Trip to Savannah

My niece, two grand nephews, Hubs and I and the Dog all piled into the car last week to make our trip South. What promised to be a stressful and cramped trip turned out to be some of the best fun had in a long time. Never a dull moment with a 16 year old and an 8 year old together in loving closeness for 11 hours. Hey Billy, Hey Billy, Hey Billy, Hey Billy--Get off me Thomas, get off me, get off me NOW. MOM!!!

Hey Uncle Ron, did you know I have $63 for my trip. What a coincidence, just the price of gas at the next fill up............Awwwwwwwwwwwww Uncle Ron.

Hey Guys, did you know that I was stationed in the Army down here on one of the most famous Civil War Battle Grounds? Let me tell you about the time...........

What did that guy at the store say? I couldn't really understand him. That's a Southern Accent Thomas. OH.....

Hey Uncle Ron, When I tell my teachers I had an 11 hour history lesson and learned a new language I bet I don't get in trouble for taking an extra week of vacation.....

And then we were there near Raleigh, NC!!! Next day off to Savannah....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Painter Flynn A lovely blog written by a Twitter Friend of Mine. David O'Brien a/k/a The Painter Flynn is a very interesting person. He is an exciting artist, a humorous tweet pal and now a heartfelt author. Enjoy!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines' Day

Valentines' Day, will we receive any heart shaped candy boxes? I'd rather have cheap candy in a gaudy heart shaped box than expensive candy in a square box from the best store in NYC. To receive a Valentines Day Heart from your boyfriend was a coveted prize, but what really did that mean. Bragging rights of course. Look what Jimmy or Johnny, or Davie, or Ronny gave to me. We would keep our jewelry, love letters, school notes passed in the halls, dried corsages (does anyone get them any more?) in that heart shaped keepsake. I received a heart shaped candy box this year, still means a lot to me and we have been married 39 years. WOW!
This is a picture of a Valentine Card (Hallmark Shoebox) I received from my "Sister Friend", Lori. She says I am the one with the skirt split in the front!I wonder why?!She said that the picture represents Lori, Me and my Sister Debbie. Another Goddess to add to the family of Goddesses!! "There might be girls that think they are as hot as we are; but they're wrong!!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Woman, A poem, A song, My life

American Woman
By Marti Doyle-Steed

We didn’t feel poor while growing up;
But I knew I wasn’t drinking from a silver cup.
We ate rabbit, partridge, pheasant and quail.
We ate so much venison Dad could have landed in jail.
I helped cut the fish in the back garage.
I dressed like a boy and they called me little Rodg.

****I’m an Irish, English, French & German
Sepasco, Mohawk, American Woman

Dad said that we’re related to the Earth, Sun, Wind and Water,
We are all Mother Natures Son’s and Daughters.
Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and such,
Are just hobbies today they don’t matter much.
To live off the land might mean killing and plunder;
But how does that compare to today’s wars I WONDER.

Don’t wear your furs; you’ll be hit by some paint
Tell folks you eat wild game and they’re liable to faint.
Each year we wore deerskin gloves and tanned moccasins;
But to admit you had Indian blood was the worst kind of sin.
When I learned the truth I was nearly forty
Dad was finally free to tell us his story.

Dad’s Mother had died, the reason he lied.
Claiming your true blood could now bring some pride.
To be just part Indian had been reason for shame,
They had all been afraid of the prejudice, finger pointing and blame.
There was light in Dad’s eyes and a smile on his face,
He was finally allowed to take his rightful place.

Mom taught us how to cook and to keep the house clean;
She washed clothes by hand without a machine.
She was tall and beautiful with long chestnut brown hair;
She held us and rocked us ‘till we didn’t have a care.
We had homemade bread and tea with milk and honey
Sugar on fruit slices was our candy; we didn’t have much money.

Mom was always our best friend
It was that way until the very end.
We would play and we’d laugh till the tears stained our faces.
She taught us our manners, to curl our hair, go to church and to say grace.
Education was a privilege, our daily job with rewards
There was never any choice we had to go forward.


When Martin Luther King preached non-violent change
We were all there with him, his ideas weren’t strange.
But I went to Birmingham some years later
Where the ghosts of freedom walk behind the folks that still hate there.
I’ve been marching for peace since Viet Nam
Though I’d kill for my children and still protest the bomb.

A fierce fighter for Women’s Rights
I’ve stood outside Family Planning, not afraid of a fight.
Rowe Vs. Wade gave women the right to choose,
Today the President wants those rights women to loose.
I still like my door held open for me;
But not at the expense of my right to be


I’ve been blessed with 2 children; a boy and a girl;
They’ve grown up so fast my minds in a whirl.
I love them, miss them, and rejoice when I see them.
The young years were good years; I knew where they were then.
And now that they’re older and out on their own
My husband and I now have time alone in our home.

Sisters and brothers should always watch out for each other
You know what to do; you were taught by your Mothers.
Hold hands together, see your doctor each year
Because, some day you might hear; you have Cancer My Dear!
But you’ll be alright
You know how to fight!

You're an Irish, English, French and German, Sepasco, Mohawk American Woman!

So I cut my hair short and free
That "Big Texas Hair" no longer mattered to me.
Radiation and Chemo, the words we all hate,
Now a part of the everyday; you can't predict fate.
My angels surround me, they carry me high,
We're with you they whisper, we'll teach you to fly........

The sun shines more brightly now, its warmth colors my face.
All of our parents have passed on and nothing can take their place;
But their strength it supports us, their pride it beseeches you and me;
To rise above our trials and be all that we can be.......
My sisters now too are fighting this fight,
Finding a cancer cure in this generation would surely be right..

We're Asian, African, European, North American, South American, Australian, Indian, Americans Women!

I wrote this poem a few years back after I had finished radiation treatments for Breast Cancer. Who knew then that today my two sisters would be battling Breast Cancer as well. But they will be alright, they know how to fight............

You've Got All Your Sisters With You

Reenie, We Love You Bunches!!!! Deb and Marti

Our sister Debbie was known for her constant drawing of "Little People". Most were lady ballerinas but sometimes she would add a man. Years later we found a treasure trove of little people in the old Encyclopedias and we framed some and had a few good laughs. Debbie did this one to give to our Sister to take with her to Savannah!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of our original Three New York Goddesses has moved to Savannah

Will she suddenly have an accent? Will she sound like Paula Dean? Will she crave butter, gray gravy and biscuits, Collards and ham hocks and black eyed peas? Oh my this is making me hungry for Ms. Dottie's home cooking!! "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" a great picture of southern living, mansions and Spanish Moss. I can just see Reenie at one of Jim Williams parties. She would be the one with the long blond hair, wide smile and a flask in her purse. Or the flask part could be me, don't know. Sometimes we channel each other and don't know who is whom! Have I said that right. Anyway, pics to follow..........should be visiting soon. We will be having a meeting of the YaYas in a month or so. And the South will rise again!!