Thursday, July 30, 2009

Digital Sisterhood

Digital Sisterhood with other Mom Bloggers. You know you are a Cyber Sister when the Blogs you read sound like you wrote them yourself, when the Tweets you see express the same glee or frustrations you feel and when your LinkedIn comments seem to receive replies from the same members no matter what your request or posts. In short, like minds will surface and attract each other.

In Cyber Sisterhood Land it is [ Even ] possible to be a Sister with a Man. Men’s inhibitions about expressing themselves or offering suggestions on sensitive topics seem to break down. In fact, I have a Sister in Ireland of like mind and spirit who’s name is Brian. Brian responded immediately to Cinda Baxter’s 3/50 Project and right a way began to push the concept through his connections there. The economy is crazy all over and Brian was not too proud or stubborn to take one woman’s idea and run with it.

Blogging can be like your “Dear Diary” of old only better. You write down your thoughts, fears, observations and dreams and if you are lucky someone will write back with suggestions and observations of their own…. Something like the image in the looking glass. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall and all that…….

A Blogger Mom or otherwise can express themselves in the middle of the night without comment from anyone else in the house. Moms, especially Career Moms, have so little time for themselves the gift of silence and solace from other Bloggers and Tweeters is invaluable.

A Mom will develop her crafting skills as soon as one of her children reaches school age. She will need to help with several projects a year and from this forced artistic expression she may develop a real love of crafting. I have been in contact, through Blogging and Tweeting, with many women who are working from home and endeavoring to sell their creations. Their websites are wonderful sources of inspiration and the power of positive thinking. “Build it and they will come.”

Because of my connection with the Sisterhood Project (about which I would never have known except for Twitter) my sisters and I have begun to make our life lists of defining moments, significant happenings, family transitions and the like to assemble and hopefully flesh out with some writing to pass on to our children and our sisters children and so on and so on.

Due to my connection with other Bloggers I have recently been inspired to start two new Blogs and

“Dear Diary, to day I………”

We Three New York Goddesses

Sisterhood,…..You know you are a sister when you can ask for help no matter the time, where or when; and your sister says, "I'll be right there." This is not to say that she will always agree with your need or your nonsense; but she will listen first and then tell you what she thinks. The give back is the best gift besides her being there with you. You can trust your sister to tell you the truth no matter how painful it may be.

There is sisterhood when you know that if asked to choose between pleasing someone else and disappointing your sister, you will always choose protecting your sister. That is a no brainer!

I have had three sisters since childhood. Two blood siblings and one best friend. These days I find that my sister numbers are increasing slowly. Maybe it is because of the state of the world, the state, the town, the block that those of like mind seem to find each other for support.

Sisters can laugh with and at each other, pray for and scold each other, live with or kick to the curb each other with complete understanding of the situation and totally void of hard feelings.

Sisters tell you when you really are fat and your butt looks like a barge. They will tell you to dye your hair already because it makes you look 20 years older than you are; but they will also attempt to kick, punch and eye gouge anyone else with the nerve to say those things to you.

A sister will cry with you when your pet dies and not tell you to “Get over it already, it’s only an animal.” She will instinctively know that this pet has been your confident, your snuggle partner, your “sister” and not make fun of you if it happens to be one of 9 cats.

You know that no man can come between you and your sister, no man ever could. Each of you would show the guy the door if he dared to flirt with the other sister even while under the influence of a foreign substance.

Real sisterhood is unconditional love just like a parent’s love for a child. Sisterhood is a forever bond never to be broken no matter what.