Friday, April 30, 2010

Anonymous said... Timing is Everything

You ever have one of those days, which start out with nothing in

particular in mind to do?

Well, yesterday was just that.

I collect stationary. Mostly blank, but with lovely pictures on the front.

A treasure trove of future messages kept in my head

like eggs in an ovary

never to be used up in one's lifetime.

A picture of an orange and rusted ecru female Northern Cardinal

caught my eye. As it was sitting on my kitchen table

along with other cards to be put away,

the pile of which, had been taken out

for selecting the 'right bird' to escort

a check owed to my sister for purchasing a tree.

This puffed up, cute Cardinal, I thought,

might make a nice Thank You

to send to a manager of a dining establishment

operating at the local Hunt Club

where I had been for a delightful lunch

a few days earlier

with a group of friends.

Fountain pen in hand

my thoughts filled the entire two sides of the

card's blank interior commenting on the food, presentation and staff.

So, done.

I decided to make the 5 minute drive

south of our home

to deliver it in person.

Greeting me at the entrance area

inside the building

was a pair of spring arrangements

on a chocolate brown carved mahogany sideboard.

from local blooms

found everywhere.

The manager,

a woman, I've known for years

who is married to a former

history teacher at the High School

and lives on Stissing Lake

complete with beautiful boathouse,

thanked me for the note

which remained sealed during our visit.

She asked me what I thought of the arrangements

made with flowers from her garden

of lilac and apple blossoms.

We agreed that a little more height

for line and balance was needed.

I told her I had something home

to add.

Back home, in a flash

I picked red-orange tulips, spirea, forsythia branches,

Aluminum greens, monkshood leaves, and hosta

'just for fun' to add to the paired display

as well as the tables, containing pastel green

napkin 'fans' balanced in stemmed wine glasses

and pairs of daffodils in small vases at the center.

The greens would act as a filler ( two per table).

Restaurant manager was delighted.

One of the waitresses, a lifeguard in the summer

was looking forward to our 'time at the lake'

where she watches the children swimming

and I do crafts with them

and tend the town garden there.

So, it was homeward bound.

Still too overcast and cold.

I decided to break with habit and

go to the local market earlier than usual.

Once there..I dawdled and shopped

Mainly for vegetables

the 'positive' part of my diet,

of which unlimited quantities

could be consumed.

Once back in the parking lot

I dawdled some more

bringing in all the shopping carts

patrons had strewn all over

as they do particularly on Fridays as part of the 'weekend rush'.

When out of the corner of my eye

I saw the back of a man with a RED PONY TAIL

Could that be?

Molto Mario Bataglia! (of the Food Network: Freshness and simplicity are the keys to Mario Batali's spectacular Italian cuisine. Molto Mario brings these principles home – it's a culinary tour of Italy with tips and secrets from one of New York's premier chefs.

Slipping back into the store

I spied this culinary king around the corner at the rear of the store

in front of the dairy case for cheeses.

His hand held basket was filled

to the brim with vegetables.

Are you Molto Mario?

'No. I'm Mario Bataglia'

Heh, heh, heh.

Kvelling like an idiot,

I blurted out that I was a big fan of his.

Noting, he had lost a lot of weight,

I told him so

as a question,

'You've lost a lot of weight'

He half smiled and nodded yes, in agreement.

No more 'Molto' to the Mario

As, we were both on the same quest

where lettuce is best.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And we are here………….Savannah. The land of Paula Dean and Spanish Moss……Jim Williams and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"…..….eclectic River Front Stores and where Tybie Island sea turtles meet crab house restaurants….this is the new home of our First New York Goddess. Oh how we’ve missed her!

We arrived about 5:30PM on Friday night after a 5 and ½ hour drive from the Raleigh, NC area. Over a magnificent Double Sail Bridge….through the Historic District, around and through several Monument Squares and Azalea lined corridors of historic homes of all shapes and sizes.

Our #1 Goddess is waiting in the living room and she is gorgeous in every way. The inconvenience of treatments have not dulled her smile or sense of humor. “Hello Rattlesnake” she giggles. Big hugs and sloppy kisses to her daughter and grandsons and me. Our Sister Goddess is an amazing woman!!!

So there we were, (two dogs, two kids and 5 adults) ready to spend a week with each other, camping out style in Downtown Savannah. We had a ball, the kids and dogs were great and we all managed to use the bathrooms when no one else had an emergency.

Easter was upon us and the Big Bunny managed to find Thomas while Heather worked her kitchen magic which revealed a marvelous dinner of all things good an fattening…We concentrated on the good part! And the lemon pudding filled powder sugar topped cupcakes were amazing!!

A lunch trip to Paula Dean's, strolling along the River Front and finding home made pralines and fudge, a Hearse Tour of the Haunted Mansions of Savannah, A trip to Tybie Island and dinner at the Crab House by the Sea…Who could ask for more? We didn’t ask- but we received!!!

Strength and Wisdom and Love and a little Sadness; but not much of that was allowed….. Jokes and Giggles and Warm Memories with a few tears…. Kisses and Hugs and Tickles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs……..Watching American Idol and worrying about who would leave next, Oh No, Not big Mike!!!! And though we thought the girl with the dread locks has a great voice, it made us itch to look at her hair……….

More hugs and kisses, we don’t want to leave. We all knew it was time to go but we held on. Has there ever been a family so in love with each other. Of course there has been; but, we act like it’s only us. Sisters and Brother, Nieces and Nephews, Children and Grand Children we gather in druid reminiscent style to share the strength of each other and this much loved Woman Goddess we call Noreen, Reenie, Sis, Mom, Nonnie, Aunt Reenie, our Port in a Storm, our powerful Wizardress able to conjure up a family get together in a moment’s notice and still look Maaaahvelous DaaaahlinG!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Trip to Savannah

My niece, two grand nephews, Hubs and I and the Dog all piled into the car last week to make our trip South. What promised to be a stressful and cramped trip turned out to be some of the best fun had in a long time. Never a dull moment with a 16 year old and an 8 year old together in loving closeness for 11 hours. Hey Billy, Hey Billy, Hey Billy, Hey Billy--Get off me Thomas, get off me, get off me NOW. MOM!!!

Hey Uncle Ron, did you know I have $63 for my trip. What a coincidence, just the price of gas at the next fill up............Awwwwwwwwwwwww Uncle Ron.

Hey Guys, did you know that I was stationed in the Army down here on one of the most famous Civil War Battle Grounds? Let me tell you about the time...........

What did that guy at the store say? I couldn't really understand him. That's a Southern Accent Thomas. OH.....

Hey Uncle Ron, When I tell my teachers I had an 11 hour history lesson and learned a new language I bet I don't get in trouble for taking an extra week of vacation.....

And then we were there near Raleigh, NC!!! Next day off to Savannah....