Saturday, September 17, 2016

We are back. Expect updates on Millerton and surrounding areas. Much has happened since we all last talked. Millerton is a buzz with new activity,shops and new happenings

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I have been making sweet passionate love to my new "Heavy Duty" no nonsense Singer sewing machine for about an hour now! The only time we have had any trouble with "PE" is when I request a quick pull out to postpone my orgasm!!! How pathetic am I that I have to post my private sewing moments to the world. It is just that after being frustrated with the "same old-same old" for so long, a romp with a "new trick" is cathartic. I mean Padraic, as I am now calling this hunk of a machine; to fulfill another fantasy of "spending time" with a wild Irish man, has driven me "sewgasmic" that I just had to share and make you all jealous!! I can go to sleep on my new pillowcases, perchance to dream of you know Who!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Care for some Tea?

A while back, perhaps around St. Patrick's Day or maybe some other time, I read a joke someplace which cleverly pointed out that the Irish answer to every situation was either Tea or Alcohol. This, of course, demonstrates both ends of the spectrum for the cures to what ails you. We all know that the Irish are known for their love of the drink; but those that are not Irish automatically assume it is either whiskey or beer. There is a side of Irish family life that includes the custom of "tea for your troubles." These days, everyone is so busy trying to make ends meet, we forget to observe the traditions that bring comfort to our souls. Tea, the mere word conjures up memories of sitting at the table with my Mom and my sisters either at breakfast or mid-afternoon for a calming down intermission from play or the discussion of the day. "Mom, I have a problem." "Lets have some tea."; "Girls, lets make some tea, I have something to tell you." ; "Auntie Maude has passed on, come sit I made some tea.";"My throat hurts" "Lets have some tea." You get the picture..... Now the family faces at the table are fewer than they were, but tea still can bring us close together to tackle the problem of the day or celebrate a grand happening. Oh yes, and depending on the day's events, we may add some Irish Mist or a touch of the Dew for that occasionally needed bolster.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beware the word "BUT"!!!! A word used to delay what eventually must happen, Something said to imply the before statement wasn't really the whole story--confusion and hesitation! I love you "but" I am not sure of myself yet! I am this "but" I am that too. Oh hell, who am I anyway if not for all the sum of my parts, experiences, fears and talents? I am this "and" I am also that!!! I am a business woman "and" I am also artistically inclined. I am a fierce competitor "and" I love being alone with my thoughts. I love a party "and" I love to pour through a great novel taking up my entire weekend. I am about to embark on a Plan B for my business "and" that does not mean that I have to leave Plan A behind. I am a Realtor "and" I am a painter and a baker/chef. I will soon be conducting my real estate business three days of the week from my soon to open Petite Bakery Cafe which will also house art, antiques "and" what ever else interests me in the moment. I don't know what to call this Plan B as yet; maybe just that.......Plan B Cafe....and B is not any less important that A or vise versa I will finally be able to share all of my interests with my friends the folks I work with and for. So, if you are in Millerton this Saturday, stop on by the RR Station for a chat, a complimentary cup of coffee and a little something to taste. I'll be there at about 10am ish and coffee will be ready about 10:30ish. Come on in the first track side door (or the RR Green side), just shout a hello if you don't see me--I'll be there..... Meet Giles! I am sprucing him up a bit as I type and he will be outside by Sat. to greet you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where are YOU GOD and What are YOU thinking?!

Where are you GOD and What are YOU thinking?!?!?! Seriously.............I don't understand? Today I found out that a friend of mine has died from a brain aneurysm. She is the single mother of 3 sons, the youngest being 15 years old. The 15 year old's Father has already died much too young. Her first marriage to the father of her two oldest children was a disaster except for the birth of her fantastic boys. The husband was a complete animal, working hard to undermine her sense of worth almost from the very beginning of their relationship. This woman was an accomplished attorney and by the time they were divorced she found it difficult to practice her profession. But she continued. She remarried a Dr. and had her third son and all seemed glorious until he was diagnosed with cancer and died within a year. Because of her devotion to his care, she decided to give up the law to become a nurse, which she did. Now she had accomplished double Masters Degrees and a Dr. in Jurisprudence. Last year she became engaged, received her nursing license and was well on her way to the happy life she so richly deserved or so you would think.............Tell me GOD, What are YOU thinking?! I can tell many stories reminiscent of this same theme. The beautiful Mom of two young daughters with fast growing breast cancer...... The older single Mom of 4 grown children,looking forward to retirement so that she can spend time with her grandchildren diagnosed with metastatic Breast Cancer that never got to retire..... The young children that die everyday, having offended no one.......... The Dad so needed to help support his young family........... Seriously GOD, Where are YOU and What are YOU thinking?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If I could do it but again.........

If I could do it but again,
I’d have my children but no men.
For they grow jealous and then lie;
They’ll break your heart and make your cry

For men are children at their best,
They take your soul and leave the rest.
They’ll have you waitin in the yard.
They’ll break your smile and leave you hard.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all,
He’ll come walkin in so straight and tall.
You swear it will not happen again;
But then, Ahhhhh, we almost all need men.