Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beware the word "BUT"!!!! A word used to delay what eventually must happen, Something said to imply the before statement wasn't really the whole story--confusion and hesitation! I love you "but" I am not sure of myself yet! I am this "but" I am that too. Oh hell, who am I anyway if not for all the sum of my parts, experiences, fears and talents? I am this "and" I am also that!!! I am a business woman "and" I am also artistically inclined. I am a fierce competitor "and" I love being alone with my thoughts. I love a party "and" I love to pour through a great novel taking up my entire weekend. I am about to embark on a Plan B for my business "and" that does not mean that I have to leave Plan A behind. I am a Realtor "and" I am a painter and a baker/chef. I will soon be conducting my real estate business three days of the week from my soon to open Petite Bakery Cafe which will also house art, antiques "and" what ever else interests me in the moment. I don't know what to call this Plan B as yet; maybe just that.......Plan B Cafe....and B is not any less important that A or vise versa I will finally be able to share all of my interests with my friends the folks I work with and for. So, if you are in Millerton this Saturday, stop on by the RR Station for a chat, a complimentary cup of coffee and a little something to taste. I'll be there at about 10am ish and coffee will be ready about 10:30ish. Come on in the first track side door (or the RR Green side), just shout a hello if you don't see me--I'll be there..... Meet Giles! I am sprucing him up a bit as I type and he will be outside by Sat. to greet you!

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