Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!!!

Fortunate changes as we age!

Isn’t it fortunate that as we age our tastes seem to change as well? For instance, I no longer stare with dropped mouth at young men with tight butts and rock hard abs; but would rather spend time with those of my own age. A little silver at the temples is a sexy thing to me now.

I would rather sit quietly on the back porch with a good friend or even a good book than prep myself for a night out at the local pub. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy a good pub night with friends; but I no longer need to do this once a week.

I would rather bake for my friends than go to a bakery and fill myself with gooey and fattening fair. This is another good thing as my middle seems to expand on its very own without the added sugar.

I would rather live in my “denim uniform” (jeans and a faded denim shirt) than dress for a formal affair. It is a good thing that I have less and less of them to attend these days!!

I would much rather walk around a farmers market than shop in Manhattan which is also good as my income has dropped while my age has increased.

I no longer long for a huge mansion but would rather live in a little country cottage by the side of a dirt road with small flower gardens; which is fortunate as the cost of fuel has risen to new heights.

Oh Dear, it seems I would also rather write, Blog, IM, Twitter and Facebook than get my butt off this recliner and see people face to face!!!!! This is not a good change……….