Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Friend of Mine, Another NY Goddess

Today..I decided , spur of the accompany Hubby on one of his day trips to the city on business, with the 'lure' being ...we would hook up with our kids for dinner.......Here's what transpired.

Around 7 p.m. My two adult children, Hubby and I , had a lovely dinner at a really neat, cozy bar restaurant in Forest Hills Gardens called 'When Pigs Fly'. The restaurant has a small neighborhood bar, a T.V. and 6 tables. They make the most incredible food. The waitress remembered me from last time which was over a year ago. She had followed my recommendations to go to Shadows on the Hudson, which I had quite forgotten. She has a degree in nursing and can't find a job in the city. I'm going to try and help her get employment up here....Lovely girl..She lives with her grandparents in Queens..Henry and I had an hour to 'kill' so before going to that restaurant, we had gone to a Tai restaurant bar called Jade which was attached to Our Daughters building complex. We had some drinks ( I had one gin and tonic...Hubby had 2 vodkas) and popcorn shrimp with a sweet cilantro sauce...which tasted like cilantro in the blender with corn syrup...Very tasty....Waiter, from the Dominican Republic had been working there 4 years and was attending college to become an accountant.( Dunno why , but I always have to play 'guidance counselor' with kids.) After about an hour, the kids arrived...Both came by train which ran across the street on an elevated platform parallel to the restaurant. Our daughter had given Hubby a pile of special passes for displaying on the dashboard of his car so parking on the streets of Forest Hills Gardens is no problem whatsoever. When we used to visit our daughter at her other place..we would have to drive around and around the block to find an opening that was legal.

Hubby had made only one business stop in Bedford Hills the day trip was considerably shortened. Wore my red cowboy boots, knowing I would not be doing much walking. Them boots are made for riding , not walking. Red boots under black plaid pants, red sweater and black naval blazer ( my uniform for traveling).

On the way back to Pine Plains, tonight after saying our goodbys to the kids., Hubbs told me to STOP fiddling with his car radio ( I tend to flip the dials too much looking for just the 'right' song) . He told me to just be quiet...I went to my cell phone and said...'Hmmmm, now WHO should I call?'...He started laughing and said...'Who, of your friends, is awake at this hour?'........So..guess what I did? ::::::.scroll down

I dialed HIS cell phone...which rang loud in the car....Henry answered it...with his usual anticipatory Business Voice, "This is _________________!'.......then he realized what I had my amplified voice came over on his speaker phone flashing bright green all over his dashboard lighting up the lone black night like Christmas on St. Paddy's Day. while we sped along 684 at 74mph....10 o'clock way past high traffic hour.

"Hubbs , you are a real meanie, you won't let me play with the radio'.......I laughed into the phone before he hung up on me.

Cracked us BOTH up...Could not stop laughing....after that.
Sense of humor goes a L-O-N-G a L-O-N-G-, wonderful marriage.

Remember that program 'I married Joan? '......Remember George and Gracie Allen......? ........ha, ha, ha........and Hennie Youngman..'Now , you take my wife............................please'.

Hubbs and I are that...LOL.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

And I am on the No Call/No Solicitation List

I am so popular these days. I had 23 saved calls on my voicemail and that was in just 2 days. Candidates for every office have been calling me, even Pat Boone called me about somebody, an NFL quarterback called me too and the past Governor George E. Pataki. I like Governor Pataki, he is a nice man. I wish he was running for some office here in New York; but I really didn't want to listen about another candidate. Pat Boone didn't sing me a song but he did remind me that he sang "Love letters in the Sand" and I am sad to think that I remembered that song and his white buck shoes too. So if you are lonely, remember you can actually listen to all these political solicitation calls and save them too and play them back again and again!!

But that won't change our current political situation or the economy. I say, vote all those in office out and in two years do the same thing again!!! What do you think?