Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where are YOU GOD and What are YOU thinking?!

Where are you GOD and What are YOU thinking?!?!?! Seriously.............I don't understand? Today I found out that a friend of mine has died from a brain aneurysm. She is the single mother of 3 sons, the youngest being 15 years old. The 15 year old's Father has already died much too young. Her first marriage to the father of her two oldest children was a disaster except for the birth of her fantastic boys. The husband was a complete animal, working hard to undermine her sense of worth almost from the very beginning of their relationship. This woman was an accomplished attorney and by the time they were divorced she found it difficult to practice her profession. But she continued. She remarried a Dr. and had her third son and all seemed glorious until he was diagnosed with cancer and died within a year. Because of her devotion to his care, she decided to give up the law to become a nurse, which she did. Now she had accomplished double Masters Degrees and a Dr. in Jurisprudence. Last year she became engaged, received her nursing license and was well on her way to the happy life she so richly deserved or so you would think.............Tell me GOD, What are YOU thinking?! I can tell many stories reminiscent of this same theme. The beautiful Mom of two young daughters with fast growing breast cancer...... The older single Mom of 4 grown children,looking forward to retirement so that she can spend time with her grandchildren diagnosed with metastatic Breast Cancer that never got to retire..... The young children that die everyday, having offended no one.......... The Dad so needed to help support his young family........... Seriously GOD, Where are YOU and What are YOU thinking?!

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