Monday, October 8, 2012

Care for some Tea?

A while back, perhaps around St. Patrick's Day or maybe some other time, I read a joke someplace which cleverly pointed out that the Irish answer to every situation was either Tea or Alcohol. This, of course, demonstrates both ends of the spectrum for the cures to what ails you. We all know that the Irish are known for their love of the drink; but those that are not Irish automatically assume it is either whiskey or beer. There is a side of Irish family life that includes the custom of "tea for your troubles." These days, everyone is so busy trying to make ends meet, we forget to observe the traditions that bring comfort to our souls. Tea, the mere word conjures up memories of sitting at the table with my Mom and my sisters either at breakfast or mid-afternoon for a calming down intermission from play or the discussion of the day. "Mom, I have a problem." "Lets have some tea."; "Girls, lets make some tea, I have something to tell you." ; "Auntie Maude has passed on, come sit I made some tea.";"My throat hurts" "Lets have some tea." You get the picture..... Now the family faces at the table are fewer than they were, but tea still can bring us close together to tackle the problem of the day or celebrate a grand happening. Oh yes, and depending on the day's events, we may add some Irish Mist or a touch of the Dew for that occasionally needed bolster.

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